Laundry service

All laundry is done onsite in our commercial laundry.  Our service includes washing of all bedding, sheets and personal clothing. There is no fee involved and is a next day return service.

We label clothing items as all clothes need to be properly identified prior to placing the items in resident’s closets. Jimbelunga laundry staff label all new clothing as residents arrive.

Resident clothing requiring special care such as dry cleaning or hand washing, is the responsibility of the family. If a resident is to have clothing that requires special care, the resident or family must provide a laundry hamper in the resident’s room. These items will be left in the hamper for the family to attend to. Please ensure that when bringing in clothing items, only a reasonable amount of clothing is brought.

Jimbelunga staff will attend to small amounts of ironing at no cost, however we encourage the purchase of clothing that do not require ironing. Reviewing the quality of clothes is the responsibility of a family member and should be monitored every few months, so that worn items can be removed and replaced. Some families prefer to do their loved one’s laundry. That’s fine, however using our service can lighten the load a little and you won’t have to worry about if your loved one will run out of clothes in the next day or two.