At ATSICHS Brisbane we take your privacy very seriously.

We understand the importance of protecting your privacy and are committed to the Privacy Act 1988 (Commonwealth)and the Australian Privacy Principles.

We only collect, use or store your personal information in accordance with the requirements of privacy laws, and our policies and procedures.

Read our Privacy Policy to find out more about our privacy and information handling practices. It explains what personal information we may collect and for what purposes we may collect it. It also describes how we collect, use and store your personal information and to whom your personal information may be disclosed to.

We have also developed a fact sheet for clients if you would like more information. Download

Managing your personal health information

Management of your personal health information is treated with the strictest confidence. It is the policy of all our services to maintain the security of personal health information at all times and to ensure that this information is only available to authorized members of staff. Confidentiality Agreements are in place for all members of staff including visiting personnel to our services.

Our Privacy Statement

We collect information from you for the primary purpose of providing quality health care. We require you to provide us with your personal details and full medical history so that we may properly assess, diagnose, treat and be proactive in your health care needs. These records are the property of our clinics.

Can I get a copy of my records?

To obtain a copy of your medical records completion of a “transfer of records” form will require your signature. Our policy is to release the medical records to the Medical Centre that you will be transferring to. The doctor can authorize a copy of your records. If you require your records from your Doctor or wish to discuss these records this can also be discussed with ATSICHS Brisbane.

Your rights

We would always prefer complaints and issues to be brought to our attention first so that we have the opportunity to address or rectify them immediately.

If you have a problem, we would like to hear about it. Please feel free to talk to your Doctor or ATSICHS staff. It is our policy to request these complaints either in writing or at a private discussion. You are welcome to write to us, use our suggestion box, or contact the Practice Manager directly. We take your concerns, suggestions and complaints seriously. However, if you wish to take the matter further and feel that you need to discuss the matter externally to ATSICHS.  You may contact the following:

For aged care services (Jimbelunga Nursing Home)

Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission

You can lodge a complaint in many ways.

  • Online: You can submit a complaint through their Online Complaints Form.
  • Telephone:  Free call 1800 951 822 (Note: mobile phone users may incur charges) between 9am and 5pm weekdays, or leave a phone message.
  • Letter: You can write a letter to the Commission at: Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission, GPO Box 9819, in your capital city.


For health related matters:

Office of the Health Ombudsman

If you have a complaint about a health service provided to you, a family member, or someone in your care, you can lodge a complaint with the Office of the Health Ombudsman in a number of ways. You can contact the Office of the Health Ombudsman in a number of ways:

  • Online: Fill in and submit the online health service complaint form at
  • Email: Fill in a health service complaint form and email it to:
  • Write: Fill in a health service complaint form and post it to us at: PO Box 13281, George Street Brisbane Qld 4003
  • Call: call 133 OHO (133 646), Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm