Barsha Adhikari 2

Barsha Adhikari

Clinical Nurse Manager

What do you love about your role?

I love being able to make a difference in all our resident’s lives. It’s rewarding to spend one-on-one time with residents and helping them. I really enjoy learning something new every day.

Who inspires you?

Mother Teresa.

What inspired you to get into nursing?

I wanted to be a nurse since my childhood. My mother is a very kind and caring person and always reached out to help others. My grandmother was also very giving as she did lots of social work to help people.

Share a moment when you made a difference to a resident’s day?

I had a resident with a few dolls and she treated them like babies. One of the doll’s dresses went missing at Christmas time which made the resident sad. I watched a YouTube video, went to spotlight and made a doll’s Christmas dress and gifted it as a present. This made the resident very happy as her baby got a new dress for the festive season.

Hobbies outside of work?

Swimming, dancing and gardening.