Jimbelunga gets new uniforms

The staff at Jimbelunga have new uniforms! Marketing and Jimbelunga worked with local artist Casey Coolwell. Casey is a Quandamooka, Nunukul woman from North Stradbroke Island and has a creative background in art and graphic design. Four different leaf designs were developed to represent of each of the areas of work at Jimbelunga.

Four different leaf designs were developed:

Nursing – Teal
The curved shapes represent the nurses and their patients. The small dots represent yarns shared between patient and nurse. The lines represent the different procedures nurses go through in their daily duties.

Maintenance – Light Grey
The leaf has stayed true to form, as it represents the maintenance staff and their duties working within Jimbelunga’s grounds.

Environmental – Maroon
The circles represent the communication links within the environmental section. The three lines throughout the circles represent each department of the environmental section: kitchen, cleaning and laundry.

Lifestyle – Yellow
This design shows the fun and excitement of Jimbelunga. The different lines, dots and directions represent the different activities throughout Jimbelunga.

Each area has a different shirt colour and a dominant leaf design. Non-clinical and managerial staff are the exception with no dominant leaf and a design that incorporates all aspects of Jimbelunga. We think they look pretty amazing!

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